Sailboat Triptych

I love the ocean

Sailboat Triptych.jpg

Ever since I lived in Florida, the colors of the ocean have become part of me. The deep green of an overcast tide. The bright cerulean blue of a sunny day. The way the horizon melts with the rain. So many metaphors and all of them so beautiful.

For the Sailboat Triptych, I will be paint three different boats, representing three different seasons of life.

Sailboat sketch.jpg

First, the paper boat represents the fresh launch of a young dream. It could fall apart at any moment, but still it floats. I am going to put many of these out on the water to represent all the young ideas I once had.

Second, the sailboat (not pictured) represents the dream in adolescents. It is still vulnerable, but it has mobility. However, the risks are greater as the sky is grey and the future unknown.

Third and last, the masted sailing ship (also not pictured) represents the dream in full maturity. While not as mobile and responsive as the adolescent dream, it is large enough to support a family, and comes with all the associated responsibilities. Painted against the sunset sky, this represents the completion of a diligent, well-lived life.

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