"If you want to do something big with your life, ask for ballet lessons."

I was seven or eight when the Holy Spirit whispered those words into my heart. Ballet started a couple years later. By sixteen, my parents realized that my passion for dance was worthy of serious training so I left home for two years of training at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, then another two years of training at Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh. I filmed “Blue Dress” while in Pittsburgh, after which I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to attend The Art of Classical Ballet School. I was now twenty one and seeking employment with professional dance companies.

I was made to create stories.

Closed doors led me back to God. Hadn’t He called me to dance? Where was I to go? In that moment of questioning, He turned a word picture into a story. I filmed “Be Free” that spring and found full-time employment in retail. “Shine” was the hardest of all, spanning years of filming and production, but I learned more from that project than any other.

If I can not dance, I will write.

Retail employment became office employment and my long muscles tightened from long hours sitting. Burdened with heavy emotions one evening, I poured my heart out in short fiction and Stories of Alberian was born. I pushed myself to publish monthly for the next two years until private collaborations demanded all my creativity.

If I can not create, I will breathe.

Spring of 2016, began a season of change. I fell in love with my husband. It was also at this time that years of non-stop work took their toll. My romantic enthusiasm came with hot flashes and heart palpitations.  On heavy days, thoughts of depression and suicide overwhelmed me. I had struggled with these off and on for years but burnout had depleted my body.

If I can breathe, maybe I can paint.

Christmas of 2016, I asked for watercolors. With neither the energy to dance or even write, I thought maybe a calm art would help revive me. It became my happy place. In April 2017, I quit my job and moved in with my future in laws. Four months later in August, I married my beloved husband. Now self-employed, I finally have the margin to create again.

This is what happens next


The Bride and the Tripod

Dance Film

I currently handle almost all aspects of production. I film with my iPhone and setup shots on a tripod. I edit the footage on iMovie. If you would like to help with increasing the quality of production, you can contribute financially via Patreon.



I took up watercolor in 2016 as part of my mental health recovery, and it has now become a primary expression of my perspective on the world. Visit my shop at InverseDreamArt.com

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For me, podcasting is an extension of the conversations I started while vlogging. I discuss faith, friendship, trauma and healing. Tune in via your favorite app!


The summer of 2013, I learned to expression deep emotion in a new way: through fiction.

Relaunching Summer 2019